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The Lowline Young Designers Program is meant to empower local youth to take an active role in helping design the future uses of the Lowline. By providing a voice to the local community, and by gathering much needed input from a variety of stakeholders, the Lowline Young Designers Program continues the Lowline’s commitment to inclusiveness, innovative design and technology, and the promotion of new urban public space. WATCH our video here.


The Lowline is committed to enhancing youth education through a science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) focused curriculum, all filtered through the lens of the Lowline project. Participants interact and learn from trained architects, engineers, and public officials with an emphasis on career development. Various field trips are taken from a Lower East Side history tour to a city-wide visits to interior and exterior public spaces. All students create a final expression of their vision for the Lowline in the form of 2D and 3D models.

Public Showcase

The Young Designers Program culminates in a public display of student work, offering students and parents a chance to reflect upon student ideas and to invite community-wide input. The previous month-long exhibit was held at the Mark Miller Gallery on the Lower East Side.

Community Partners

The Lowline has partnered with over a dozen organizations to date.

Community Partners
Getting Involved

Please contact us at for sponsorship opportunities or if your organization is interested in learning more about the Lowline Young Designers Program.